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Please address Attendance, Calendar

Converted a troop of over 240 kids. 27 patrols in our troop… I’m baffled at how poor the Attendance functionality is! If we create our events at the patrol level, Scoutbook uses a separate calendar for each patrol, seemingly to make attendance capture manageable… HOWEVER, that makes for an indecipherable Calendar for everyone! If one troop-level event is used for meetings and campouts (preferable) then the attendance functionality does not allow filtering by patrol. No good solution! Help!

I realize that not all scouts have mobile devices, and that not everyone has unlimited data… but here is what is available.
The following positions have access to take attendance in the mobile app:
-Senior Patrol Leader (SPL)
-Scribe (troop)
-Troop Guide
-Patrol Leader (patrol only)
-Patrol Scribe (patrol only)

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

Ok so does that include adults, can they be assigned Troop Guide role and take attendance, or sit w scout who does it?

All of the positions listed in @LeslieKirkwood’s post are youth positions, so an adult account can’t be assigned those roles.

Any adult with a Unit Admin position can take attendance for the entire unit at a unit event (i.e. anything on the unit calendar) or for the patrol at a patrol event (i.e. anything on the patrol calendar).

The logic behind separating patrol/den calendars from troop/pack calendars is rooted in the idea that subunits (patrols & dens) may plan events that are not intended for the entire unit to attend. Scoutbook grew out of a Cub Scout environment, so much of the logic is adult-leader-centered. The adults most likely to execute that oversight (e.g. Den Leaders or ASMs assigned to the patrols) would be assigned as Den/Patrol Admins, and would therefore be able to take roll and otherwise manage the calendar as required. As Scoutbook has evolved to accommodate more unit types (troops, crews, ships, posts), the calendar and module obviously have needed to evolve. As has been noted in many posts elsewhere on the site, the calendar module (and associated tasks like attendance, etc) are under revision, although the BSA hasn’t announced when the updates will be released or what feature set will be implemented in the release.

Thanks I understand all that.
To the specific issue: I am testing a scout who is PL and logged into phone app, and cannot see any way to mark attendance. He can see it, but list is read/only. Also the sort on the scout names is seemingly by patrol, but without indicating patrol names… not good!

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