Authenticating. Every. Single. Time

To all on saving passwords…

Google Chrome is encrypted and will save with a google account. Also many years I have used LastPass for all O.S. and mobile and it works great. It is very inexpensive as well and you can use yubikey, biometrics, etc. with LastPass.

I’m not interested in telling my fellow local parents how they can adopt a password manager to make their interactions less inconvenient. I want it to be convenient by default. Currently it is not, but it could be.

I contend there’s no reason to lock the system at 60 minutes. If you disagree, state your reasons why, and we can discuss. I’m pleased that the SUAC is pushing to increase the limit, but that is a topic in progress, and therefore the final value is unknown. 6 hours would qualify as “increased”, yet not be satisfactory to me.

@Stephen_Hornak my preference is to advocate for changes that I fell will benefit many, vs your implication of “if you don’t like it, leave”.

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Steve - not exactly advocating that but certainly not seeing scoutbook nor the forums reaching a level of never logged out. Eventually you have to be logged out for system maintenance and other ack end work. I have no issues with the current configuration. I am trying to understand the benefit of your plan.

Out of curiosity, how many parents do you envision using the discussion forums they way you’re describing?

In my experience, I typically have one or maybe two parents at any given time using any online tools. We have a youth Webmaster that updates the calendar and sends broadcast emails, and an occasional broadcast email from the Scoutmaster or ASM.

@SteveCagigas Potentially all Troop parents, and youth. We currently use a Yahoo Group for communications, and it’s hot garbage. We need something that fits the need for announcements and conversation within our group, and as I understand it, we can have a subforum for our Troop only within Therefore, it’s logical to explore how this forum functions, and assess the pro/con feature list vs other options of migrating to a Google Group, or using, especially when considering that Scoutbook has our calendar and advancement tracking.

In that exploration, I’ve identified what I consider to be a significant, but easily changeable con, and started this thread to request a change.

@Stephen_Hornak There’s a lot of space between “logged out every hour by design” and “logged out for scheduled system maintenance”. I’ve not asked for never being logged out, with no exceptions. I’ve asked for it to be a much less frequent event.

We use the direct message function for that stuff, and I find it much more reliable than forum posting.

I don’t trust people to take the extra steps needed to go to an online forum to get updates, instead of checking their emails. I have yet to be surprised on this… I started putting my committee meeting and round table notes in a forum post to gauge the interest, and there is none. If I don’t email a link to the forum post, nobody will go to read it.

If I may offer another perspective. Many of us commenting on this thread may have viewed the forums through the lens of perhaps bug reporting or feature requesting for Scoutbook. These functions may not be utilized very often. However, if you consider the other aspects of the forums regarding the Program, there may be more lively topics and discussion which would be beneficial especially to new Cub Scout leaders and hopefully will be visited much more frequently. Often times, those visiting are younger adults and they are accustomed to not having to login every time ( for other similar discussion groups on the Internet). These are individuals that most likely need the discussions and training and we should help to lower barriers to access these forums and discussions not make them seemingly prohibitive when considering the way Young adults use other Internet sites today. Just food for thought.

In four years of using scoutbook, I have yet to see a wide spread use of the forums either by youth, parents or leaders. If you are lucky enough to have full usage then I certainly understand the need for longer session times. In our case however only a few of us have ever posted in the unit forums.

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@SteveCagigas With the new Discourse forum, there’s options to receive emails if you haven’t logged in for X time. I’m now not sure what the default is, but that could be a decent bridge between the overhead of actively going to the discussion forum, and having content pushed to the email box adults are likely already looking at.

We have a youth led Troop, so one fact that I consider is that interacting with email on a full keyboard and a large display is much more about what fits adults than the youth. Our youth are used to instant push messages to their pocket computer, and email is the legacy necessary evil of a past day. With the Discourse app, we can have a functional mobile interface… I just want it to act like the mobile SnapChat, Instagram, FB Messenger, etc, and maintain a logged in state across time periods > 60 min.

@Stephen_Hornak I never made use of the now “Legacy Forums” at, so I’ve no input on what may have kept your youth, parents or leaders from using them. I’m looking at this new Discourse and seeing multiple reasons why it would be a viable option for our Troop, and one downside, which is of course what I’m pushing to change with this topic.


It looks like there are different levels of monitoring for Discourse forums. I haven’t messed with that yet, and just have the defaults for my account. I get an email when someone messages me, or does a direct reply to my comment, or uses my “@username”. Looking at the other options under my profile, it looks like you can ask your users to make your unit forum a watched category, and then they’d get a notification whenever someone posts something there. I haven’t installed the app yet to see how it works there, though…

I’d love to test that, but I first need to get my Unit Forum to appear. Getting folks to sign in and “watch” the Unit Forum to then push email has more overhead than just drafting them into a Google Group, but it could be worth it.

@SteveYuroff - you can test all that now with these forums. You can change your notification level for any topic via the notification control at the bottom, and right hand side, of each topic. (Notification level can also be set per category, look for the notification control on the upper right of each category page.):

You can even do it for threads you’d like to follow, even though you’re not active in that thread. Harkens back to the good ole’ Usenet days… :wink:

One can also change their notification settings:

The problem is that it is up to the user to make these changes, and at the unit forum level, there is not a way that I can see, as a leader, that allows me to set this for everyone within the unit. Perhaps there is a Discourse setting for this, but I’d have to look at the documentation, followed by begging the BSA to modify this Discourse instance for units.


The Discourse timeout has been increased to 168 hours (7 days)


That is a fantastic step in the right direction! Thanks for taking our feedback to heart.

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I think this is a good improvement- very pleased to hear it. Thank you.


Great to see progress and action taken when it’s needed. Thanks, @SteveYuroff for staying with it despite other replies.

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Thank you for listening to our concerns and the modification of the setting. I think it will help drive better adoption of the forums in general.

You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink…

(On an unrelated topic, it looks like discourse doesn’t like having the “quote” BB Codes on the same lines as the quoted text… handy to know)

Ah - but you can!

You can use the “ default categories watching ” site setting to ensure your new users (it’s not retro-active) watch that category by default. But they will be able to change their notification level if they want to.

With that in mind, new users to the forums could be set to auto-watch their unit forums. Still digging through the documentation…

Several convos out there already about the default “opt in” requirement, as opposed to “opt out” if you don’t want it.