Best Practice for tracking nights in field

Does anyone have any recommendations\best practices to track nights in the field? The challenge I’m running into is for for a 2 night camping trip we may have a scout only stay 1 night. When you add an someone to the activity there is no way to designate the number of nights.

The only idea I have is to enter every camping trip twice, one with dates that show 2 nights and one for dates that show 1 night.


There’s an “Advanced” (at least I think that’s the name) tab at the bottom of the event listing. You can set differing per-person information there.

ETA: Yup, here’s the how-to:
How Do I Record a Unit Activity Using Internet Advancement (IA) - Scoutbook Knowledge Base


Yup. This is one of the big improvements that everyone was requesting for activity tracking.

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