Bike Rides

Can bike rides be added to the activity log, just like camping, hikes and service hours?

This is in the backlog but we do not know if or when it will be scheduled for development. The current suggested workaround it to use the hiking log an prefix the activity title with Bike:

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I’ve also recommended to scouts that they log them in (for example) comments for Cycling MB and the National Outdoor Achievement Award - Riding. There may be other relevant spots, but that helps avoid the need to try to filter non-hiking from the hiking logs.

When you talk Riding or Water Logs they are quite complex is the issue. Riding? Bike? Mountain or Road? Or do you mean Horse Riding? What about Skating?

Water is worse in some places it is miles, in others it is hours. And what is the vessel? Solo or with a crew?

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We then log the miles the Scout rode as 1/2 and put in the tile the bike miles. Since for rank advancement is a 5 mile hike or 10 mile bike hike.

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