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Add Biking to Activity Logs

Since Biking merit badge is an alternate choice for Eagle Required badges, it seems like it would make sense to have the ability to track bike miles in SB.


Yes, that’s something that is on the radar. Efficient future expansion of the logs was part of the reason for moving the logs.


Glad something good may come from the move, because I found nothing user friendly About how they work. It is such a hot topic on the Facebook groups about how bad the interface is now that they are part of internet advancement. Having to keep two sets of calendars, creating events in SB and IA, The restrictive nature of IA, etc, etc. At this point, would rather have the old logs back until you’re ready with everything working and integrated.

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I’m still really struggling with the amount of trouble people are having with the new logs. Our transition to them has been completely seamless.

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People have been begging for riding and aquatics logs for years. All we’ve ever gotten is “on the radar,” or “on the list.”

Essentially, don’t hold your breath.

Well, the update to the activity logs was required before adding different types of logs.

Another complaint about activity logs - please allow the interface through scoutbook.com. There is no reason why they should not be able to pass the data through scouting.org like they do advancement data. I am becoming convinced this is a control issue - why else would a decent user interface be replaced with one which is for all intents and purposes, non-functional? Where do users go for feature requests? My feature request is to let scoutbook.com manage the user interface for activity logs.

I think it’s evident the future interface for Scoutbook is going to be Internet Advancement. I don’t think BSA IT has the resources to continue to develop both, and SB has some severe developmental limitations.

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So I guess we will switch to doing it all on paper then.

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