Black Pug import with Counselor

I noticed that the export from for TroopMaster includes an extra column for the Counselor name. I would really like to include that, so I tried importing a small portion of the file as a test. The import seemed to work, but I did NOT see the merit badge records in Scoutbook.
Two questions:

  • Might there be a delay between when the data is imported and when I can see it in ScoutBook?
  • Will the Feature Assistant import into ScoutBook work with the additional column for Counselor?

The extension will not import the merit badge counselor name into Scoutbook. The counselor must be invited to connect to the Scout and the extension is only handling advancement data on the import, not connections.

Thanks, Gary! Is there any concern that without the Counselor name that there could be some questions asked about the merit badge completion when an Eagle Application is submitted?

I suppose we could (and maybe should) keep a printed copy of the Black Pug merit badge report, which includes the counselor name.

@TomMatichuk - the Eagle scout rank application just lists the merit badges with completed dates. The dates and badges are verified by Council but does not get involved in who the counselor was.

Ok, I tried it again with the ScoutBook export from Black Pug. It uploaded fine, and the data was immediately visible.
Thanks Again.

Am I correct that both Scoutbook and the Black Pug products do not support multiple MB Counselors for signing off individual requirements?

That is correct. The the volunteer written and supported Feature Assistant Extension for Scoutbook for Chrome and Firefox only imports the completed requirements and overall completions for Merit Badges. See Feature Assistant - What is it? for details.

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