Importing Blue Cards from csv file?

I’m aware it is possible to import completed blue cards into Scoutbook using the Feature Assistant Extension, but I’m not finding any information on how exactly to do so. Could anyone point me to a resource or walk me through the process?

Very hopeful this will make importing data from MBC so much easier!

Thanks in advance for your help.

It’s only designed to use the export from Black Pug/, and that’s if the council provides it. You have to download it from there where you register.

I am able to access the cvs file, downloaded from the council. However I’ve no idea of how to link it or import into Scoutbook. When we download it, it appears as an excel or sheets document.

You have to have the extension running in Chrome or Firefox. And it is right on Unit Page

Screen Shot 2021-03-11 at 1.26.39 PM

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@ErinMiller1 Go to Scoutbook - Help and click on the Feature Assistant link

Thank you! I am familiar with the basics of scoutbook; entering requirements, using the calendar, etc. But we’ve not yet had the chance to explore the other areas. It is very helpful knowing where to find both the help and the black pug (now that I know that’s a thing). Thanks!

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Follow up question… Syncing seemed to go through without any issues. However, only one scout in the document uploaded. Also, that scout now shows that their requirements are complete, but marked only by me and not showing that they are marked by the MBC. Any work arounds suggested?

Did you see an exception list when the import completed? Were any of the other Scout badges already completed in Scoutbook?

For the second question: Neither you nor the upload has the ability to mark the Counselor’s name. The extension can only mimic what you can do manually - it simply streamlines your keystrokes.

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