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BSA Web Links - Training Validation tool not working

You can look at YPT compliance using the Training Manager reports. There are some new enhancements coming soon that will add ‘Plain Language’ names to the course numbers which may be helpful.

However, as I wrote above, the Training Validation tool is acknowledged by national to be broken, and it is in the queue to be fixed. I think we all know that the BSA is operating with very limited resources, so please be kind and patient while you are waiting for the tool to be fixed.


Still having no luck to get this important tool to work. I see training validation and click on it and goes to blank screen for a long time then goes back to initial screen. Never see the area to put in Scouters ID to see training. This is a real handicap. Has anyone found out why it is not working and why no one is working to fix?

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Need this for MBCs because they are not in unit I cannot use any unit-based work arounds.

Need this for those new to the unit that I want to personally be sure are YPT.

I guess those YPT checks just are not going to happen now? I am confused and I know I am not the only one.

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Hi, please see my earlier post…someone at your council or district should be able to pull a YPT report from the Training Manager that will include MBC’s.

The Scoutbook Merit Badge Counselor search function will hide any MBCs that do not have current YPT. Once they renew their YPT, they will be returned to the search results.


Hi Everyone, totally understand your frustrations. I have the same frustration. Our Charter Org is a Catholic Church. We are required to be fingerprinted. I ask our adults to email me a copy of their ypt certificate so that I have it for recharter, just in case t does not get recorded correctly. Once recharter is over I make copies for our Charter Org so that they have them in their files. Their files get audited by the Diocese.
Our District MB keeper also asks for our MBC’s to email a copy of their ypt certificate to him.

And yes, I use training validation a lot to check on leaders with expired ypt, to see if they have taken their ypt. If they have not then I send a reminder email. It is a bummer that this tool is not working at this crucial time.

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You should be able to use the unit’s training reports in my.scouting.org to determine who needs to renew YPT. Anyone currently registered with your unit will be on the report. New leaders should provide a copy of the certificate as proof of YPT.

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Just adding my name to the long list of people BEGGING BSA to fix this issue. You can’t direct us to do everything with technology and then not support the technology.


I don’t know what is happening or what can even happen at this point.

Another user begging for this to be fixed. I have users with multiple member ids and this is the only way I can search their records for the member id that is not associated with a unit. Thank you for your support.



Be aware that as of February 1, 2021, all MBCs must be registered in ScoutNET and the MBs they council either listed in ScoutNET or provided to Scoubook via the new format upload file. An MBC will not be able to be registered or renewed if YPT is not complete or has expired.

Yes, I am very busy keeping Scoutbook updated with the badge information for the 974 counselors in my Council and working with the other five district volunteers managing their subset of that list. We are all distraught at losing the training validation tool even as the paperwork demands (such as disclosure forms) are increased. We like to proactively reach out to Counselors and encourage YPT renewals, to minimize counselors dropping off and coming back. Now I have to use the Training Manager to pull council-wide reports to send to the other five volunteers so they can see their counselor’s status, because they can’t check it themselves.

…all this not made easier when individual issues like correcting multiple BSA ID’s take weeks to…not yet be resolved. Again, why are my volunteers supposed to be reaching out to me with their frustration? Just not getting it.


It seems that National BSA has removed any way to get in touch with tech support for my.scouting.org at a national level and have pushed all requests and tech support problems down to the local council (" For any questions or difficulties you may have regarding this website, please [contact your local council."). Thats ridiculous when we have issues like this and basically council is just acting as a middle man to pass the message along. Anyone have contact info that allows us to send a message to national tech support? I know some of the above posters have been in touch but are they seeing how many people are needing this fixed?

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Yes. The contact info is your local council, or posting here. There is NO number for unit members to get national tech support.

Anyone have contact info that allows us to send a message to national tech support? I know some of the above posters have been in touch but are they seeing how many people are needing this fixed?

No, I’ve asked myself. There is no way to contact national IT unless you are Council or otherwise authorized as some people in this board/forum are. And even if you could, I am not sure that the answer would be any different than “we are doing the best we can as fast as we can, please be patient.”

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I’ve been having the same problem reported here with both Edge and Chrome browsers, but interestingly Training Validation works for me in Firefox (ver. 82.0.3 (64-bit)). Just throwing that out there in case it helps the IT guys in troubleshooting the issue.

I am using Firefox as well same version and getting no luck.

Glad to see it works for you though!

No luck here either, directs me back to the my.scouting.org home page.

Rick, as I’ve mentioned in my other thread with YPT, I have pretty much been unable to log into the “Training Validation” portion of the site for weeks. Occasionally, I can access using the Brave browser, but even that is iffy at best. Nor can I import into Troopmaster because this login isn’t working. Firefox, no go. Chrome, no go. Edge, no go. Private/incognito modes, still no go. Makes it really hard for me as the Unit Training manager to validate training by prospective leaders. I can view other training for current Adult Leaders as usual.

As before, thank you for your attention in all these matters as RECHARTER looms in our near future.
Craig Mook
Troop 824 Unit Training Manager


Craig: As posted above, Training Validation is broken and being worked on.

The best place to verify training - including YPT - is to go into Training Mgr. You could use the CHATBOT on the My.Scouting log in page to provide individual information one at a time (Member ID and last name)… but the Training Manager reports are probably your best option.

As to the Troopmaster issue, I would suggest you ask your council IT person to submit a ticket to national for help.