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Training Validation access

When I use Scoutbook to access My.Scouting, I can not access the Legacy Web Tool > Training Validation.

If I then sign out of & login to My.Scouting, I can access the Legacy Web Tool > Training Validation.

Thank you for reporting this. We have reported it to the programmers.

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Are you seeing this behavior on a computer, iOS, Android or multiple devices? We passed this on to the developers last week when the only report we had was on iOS and Android.

I have been able to replicate the issue. Training Validation results in presenting the notice page the was changed to my.scouting.

@Stephen_Hornak Stephen,

Which platform have you replicated this on? It is working as expected on Chrome 73 with Windows 10 for me.

I am on Win10 - chrome 73 as well. Let me try again and see what happens.

** - update: when running the same process in an isolated web session the training validation link works as expected. My suspicion is that our corporate web proxies may be causing the old redirect to appear.

I am getting a similar issue with the Manage Member ID page in my.Scouting. I closed Firefox and logged directly into my.Scouting and it worked like it should.