Training Manager Updates

I have two leaders who have reported finishing their training, but it isn’t reflected in the Training Manager in Legacy Tools. Anyone else having this problem? Who can we contact about this?

might have 2 bsa #s without knowing it - they can log into and check their profile compared to the BSA# you have for them

Which training for which position(s)?

Hi, @RichardChandler,

As @Bill_W noted, which training are you talking about?

In-person training doesn’t get automatically logged, and has to be added to the system either by the council/district training personnel when reported by the leaders running the training, or by the unit Key 3 using the Training Manager at, based on hardcopy documentation provided by the trained leader to the Key 3 member.

If you’re talking about online training, @DonovanMcNeil’s point is most likely the issue. It seldom takes more than an overnight for any online training I took to appear in the Training Manager at my.scouting. If online training is not showing up, it’s most likely that the BSA ID for the leader on your roster doesn’t match the BSA ID under which the training was taken.

If their BSA ID numbers don’t match up, they can add the “extra” BSA ID to their profile at by going to Manage Member ID under the Legacy Tools in the left side menu. They just need to make sure that the “correct” BSA ID (i.e. the one under which they serve as a leader) is set as the Primary.

Hi @CharleyHamilton,

Thank you for this detailed anwser! Unfortunately when I tried to pull up the Manage Member ID Legacy Tool, I get a Sharepoint Error. It’s been this way for months. Any ideas?


Not really. I’ve had mixed results getting any of the Legacy Tools to work for me. Generally, it seems to behave better if I log out of Scoutbook, discussions.scouting, and anything else that might have cached my my.scouting credentials (or use a different browser altogether). Then, I log in to and can (usually) access the Legacy Tools.

That said, at one point I wasn’t having any success, and the folks at myscouting support rebuilt my account (!), which reset my password. I had to use the forgot password link to update the password afterwards.

Ugh! Ok. Thank you. I will play around with it and see if I can find the right combination to make it work. Heheh! It reminds me of when we used to use an antenna to get the TV shows!

:laughing: My arms are still sore from holding the coat hangers up to try to get CBS to come in after our rabbit ears were broken…