Bug Report: Multiple MB related issues stemming from “completed” MB requirements

As a scout, I am able to mark MB requirements as complete which, when all reqs are marked “complete” Scoutbook auto- completes the entire MB.

Problem 1: MB shows up in a scout’s list as complete pre-maturely on scout’s profile page
User Story : As a scout/parent/leader, the list of MB under my profile page “Advancement” section should only reflect “approved” MBs.

Problem 2: MB counselor is forced to backdate his/her approval to the date completed, even if he/she reviews 1 day or week later.
User Story : As a MB counselor, when I approve a “completed” requirement (or the entire MB), the date of my approval should be properly recorded (i… I should not be forced to backdate my approval)

Problem 3: As a MB counselor, when I uncheck a requirement (by deleting the date of when the req was marked complete), the overall MB status should be automatically updated to remove the “Complete” check mark.
Reproduce scenario:

  1. Scout marks all MB requirements as “Complete”
  2. Scoutbook auto-completes the entire MB.
  3. MB counselor un-checks an individual requirement
  4. Entire MB status remains as “Complete”

Problem 4: As a scout, my completion record (i.e. log w/ date and name) of a MB requirement is overwritten when a MB counselor approves an individual requirement.

This is working as designed. The Scout’s page shows completed advancement. We have a story in the backlog to change the display of the award on the Scout’s profile page to make it apparent that the award is not approved. We do not know if or when this will be scheduled.

I don’t understand this comment. The date that Scoutbook uses is the entered completion date. The MBC has the choice to change the completion date or accept the date that is already entered. The date the MBC actually approves the requirement is only displayed for audit purposes. It is not used for anything else.

We will investigate and open a story for development if there is a bug.

We will investigate and open a story for development if there is a bug.

Following up on Problem 2:
When approving, the MBC cannot enter a later date than that which was recorded when the requirement was marked complete.

Following up on Problem 4 (before/after captures)

It seems like Scoutbook is demonstrating a conflict between the official position that “Completed” means “ready for review” and the plain-language meaning of the word “Completed” that the work is already done. Personally, I think that this is best resolved by:

  1. changing the word “Completed” to “Ready for Review” (or equivalent) in the Scouts BSA/Venturing/Sea Scouting programs, and
  2. revising the code such that the date an item is marked “Leader Approved” (or “Counselor Approved” in the case of MBs) is the official date of record for advancement/awards in the Scouts BSA/Venturing/Sea Scouting programs.

The behavior as it exists is largely consistent with the advancement process for Cub Scouting, in that parents can approve advancement as Akela for their scout.

Given the current (as opposed to intended) functionality, this can also be treated as a process error, in the sense that the scout is marking the requirements Complete prior to counselor review. Alternatively, if the review actually occurred on the date that the badge was marked Completed (in this case 4/1/21), and there is just a delay in logging the information by the counselor, then it appears that Scoutbook is functioning properly and enforcing the original date completed.

The way that I handle this potenmial conflict with my merit badge counselees is twofold. First, if we are reviewing things over a virtual meeting (as has been more common during the pandemic), I have Scoutbook open and mark requirements Complete/Counselor Approved as they are completed/reviewed. Alternatively, when we meet in person, I make sure to take a photo of the scout’s blue card, then mark the requirements Completed and Counselor Approved shortly after our meeting. It’s a few extra steps for me, but keeps things in sync between the digital and hard copies of the blue card.

Second, I let scouts know that neither they nor their parents should mark merit badge items “Completed” until after I have marked them Counselor Approved. If they have a concern that something has not been marked Completed/Approved in a timely fashion, they can reach out to me (e.g. via email with a photo of the signed blue card) so I can correct the issue.

I find that those two process steps minimize the time I spend “correcting” data entry issues both as a MBC and as a unit leader.

I realize that I’m attempting to “re-litigate” this issue, but I’m confused about how this comports with the stated official position that “Completed” means “ready for review”. There are only a limited number of requirements at the Scouts BSA/Venturing/Sea Scouts for which work which has not yet been reviewed by a designated leader could be considered “Completed”. It seems inconsistent with the Guide to Advancement to display any advancement/awards which have not yet been “Leader Approved” on a scout’s profile. The behavior demonstrated in @ChristopherDesforges’ second screenshot (in which the “Completed” date is changed) indicates that “Completed” means more than simply “ready for review”. Otherwise, there should be no need to change the date “Completed” to be on or later than the date “Leader Approved” or “Counselor Approved”, either for individual requirements or for the overall badge. It seems like the BSA needs to decide what the actual intended meaning is for these “toggles” in each Scouting program, and give BSA IT the direction to make the implementation (both in language and functionality) consistent with the intended meaning.

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The 4 steps of advancement and how they relate to Scoutbook checkmarks:

  1. A Scout learns something. Once learned they mark it ‘completed’ in Scoutbook
  2. A Scout is examined and signed off. That is ‘approved’ in Scoutbook.
  3. A Scout is reviewed (for MBs that is when the troop approves the badge)
  4. A Scout is recognized. In Scoutbook that is ‘awarded’
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This discussion probably belongs in its own thread, so admins can feel free to relocate it if deemed appropriate.

Thanks, @WilliamNelson. Based on that, it sounds like the “Completed” date should not be the one which is “recorded” in the database for advancement/awards, nor should it be the point at which advancement/awards should be displayed in the scout’s profile. Rather, it seems like the date on which it is “Approved”, at least for programs other than Cub Scouting, should be the date logged in the database for advancement/awards. I base this on the language of the requirements, which generally include more than simply “learning” or executing a single task, but rather frequently involve “demonstrating”, “showing”, or “discussing” their work. Am I misunderstanding what date is being recorded in the database as the date for which an advancement/award is completed? Or am I misunderstanding which date is the one on which the BSA officially recognizes advancement/awards as having been “completed” in the “non-Scoutbook” context? Perhaps it’s both, I suppose.

I recognize that, in many ways, this is largely a debate over semantics. At the same time, the semantics seem to be having impacts that are more than simply semantic in terms of implementation/utilization. I think that if we can resolve the semantic issues and have consistent implementation in the software side, we can achieve a more consistent implementation of the scouting program across units. Again, it’s a minor point in a world of much higher impact issues. It just seems like a stumbling block for a lot of different units.

What Bill has outlined is how the Advancement Team at a National Level wants it - so there is really nothing to discuss - it follows the GTA

OK. I guess I’ll quit beating the dead horse, then. :frowning_face:

I just approved a requirement for an MB for a Scout that was marked complete on Feb 1, 2021. As you can see from this screen shot, the completion date did not change. The first date is the completion date, the 2nd date is the date I approved the requirement and the 3rd date is the date a leader, Scout or parent added the completion status to Scoutbook. This was done from the Edit Merit Badges for MB Counselors screen. This is working as designed.

In this screen shot, I used Quick Entry for MB Counselors to approve the requirement. I set a completion date of 4/5/21. Note the completion date did not change which is working as designed.

The Counselor Approved by and Marked Completed by dates are just for audit purposes so units can track when something was marked complete. The Completed date is the one used to determine when the actual requirement was finished by the Scout. The overall MB must be completed on or after the latest of these dates.

It is not expected that the MBC change the completion date, however, the MBC may do so if desired. This needs to be done from the Edit Merit Badges for MB Counselors screen or the Scout’s advancement MB screen.

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