Marking a merit badge as leader approved replaces the counselor approved info

I noticed that one of our counselors marked a merit badge as Completed and Counselor Approved for a Scout. When I marked it as Leader Approved just now, it replaced the counselor’s name with my name for Completed and Counselor Approved and it changed the original Completed date to today’s date. I believe it should retain the original information and just add the Leader Approved line. This is the URL for the Scout and merit badge where I noticed the issue:

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We can’t see the URL. I looked at the record in the database and the only MB with a recent leader approved date is Emergency Prep. Is this correct? I still see that it has a Counselor Approved date.

The MB process says the Scout is to have a discussion with the Unit Leader after the MBC signs the Blue Card (or approves in Scoutbook). This is why the Unit Leader still needs to approve the MB.

You should see something below the MB Completion date like this: image

Can you explain in more detail what you are seeing or give us a screen shot cutting off the last names?

I don’t have a screenshot from before, just after:


The counselor’s name was listed for the first two lines prior to me approving the badge. The Completed date was also October 18th.

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Are you connected to this Scout as an MBC?

Can you tell me how you approved the MB? Was it via the Needs Approval report or did you click on Earned then check the Leader Approved box?

I have approved MBs that were MBC approved and not had the MBC change so I need to understand what you did and how you are connected to try to duplicate the problem.

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I am connected, but not as the MBC. I am an Advancement Chair for the Troop. I clicked on the Scout, then the merit badge, clicked on the green check box, and clicked the Leader Approved box.

Thanks, that helps. We will try to repro.

I just experienced this problem with a scout in my troop on 10/24/21. The MB counselor marked the MB as “Completed” and then I logged in as the SM to mark the MB as “Leader Approved”. But, Scoutbook changed the “Completed” line by taking off the name of the counselor and replacing it with mine. But, in this case it’s exceptionally bad because, although I’m an MB counselor, I’m not a counselor for this MB and it’s an Eagle required MB so we need to get the record corrected. This is important because the Scout in question is done with Eagle except for this MB, and they age out in 2 days. How do we get Scoutbook corrected?

@DouglasFouts - the thing that matters is that it is earned and completed. I have never experienced the blue cards being examined.

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