Calendar details not accessible

When open scoutbook, login, click dashboard, under my units- select my son’s troop (or my other children’s pack), and then there is a list of “upcoming events” on the upper right hand corner. When I click on an event to get more information, it kicks me back out to the dashboard. If I instead click on events from the dashboard, there are only certain events but not all of them. If I click on the calendar, it opens. However, when I click on an event, it again kicks me back to the dashboard. What am I doing wrong? I have tried on my iPhone, and on my mac- using both safari and chrome. It is the same exact loop no matter what.

When I looked at your oldest son’s Memberships in Scoutbook a few minutes ago, he had an open membership in a pack and a troop, which can cause an error. It looks like the pack membership has been ended. Are you able to access the calendar now?

I logged out every where and then tried all three places again, it still does not work.

When you login and go to my dashboard > events, do you see any events listed there? If not, my guess is that neither you nor your scout were invited to the event?

That would be it! There are only limited events that show up there, but the ones that do I can access from events, calendar as well as the troop home page. Thank you so much, now I know what to ask for!!

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