Can't View Calendar Events

My son just crossed to a troop. I can see the troop events in the calendar from my scoutbook account but I can’t open them to get any details. When I click an event from the calendar I am taken back to My Dashboard. I am using Chrome on my laptop to access scoutbook. Any suggestions?

I can get the ical address from scoutbook and add it to my google calendar so I can see the events there but not from scoutbook itself.


@BenjaminSocie first guess would be you are not invited to the event - that is first thing to check

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I thought about that. What happens if my scout is invited but I’m not?

For awhile I couldn’t see anything on the troop calendar right after we joined. Then I talked to the troop leaders and they checked the invite list, then I could at least see the calendar.

Little question but honestly hard to answer - if your scout is invited and you are connected to Scout you should see event. That being said to what degree you can interact with event is hard to say as all my roles are Admin - so parent view is blurry to me

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