Calendar Search is nearly useless

I entered an event in April. Even though it claimed to save, it didn’t (that’s a separate issue but I was able to get it saved).

While trying to find the event in case I selected the wrong dates, I tried the calendar search. The search only searches the selected month. So in this example I can find “Tentative” (the event that didn’t save the first time) but if I was in February or March it would not take me to April. If I were to search “Polar” while in April it will just clear the calendar because there is no event called Polar in April.

If you are in the week view it will remove that week’s events if the search criteria doesn’t match. Grid view and List view do nothing.

I know I don’t have a lot of events as others might but if all it’s going to do is clear everything but the one event within the month view or even the week view, it’s pretty useless.

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