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Still a bunch of calendar "keeping place" bugs

There are still a ton of unexpected behaviors with the calendar jumping back and forth.

A few times I went to edit an event and it jumped me back to September.

With all of the Covid issues, this makes maintaining the calendar hard with all of the jumpiness.

It would be great it the calendar kept you where you were at instead of jumping you back after saving a new event. I’m changing all of the events from now until December 2021. It is a huge pain.

Just had it again. Went to update a date in June 2021, hit edit, it jumped to September 2020. I didn’t make any changes. It was like click, show the edit event screen, and then jump to the overall September view.

Went back to the June event, it didn’t repeat the jump bug.

Is this with the feature assistant extension on or off?

On. I guess I should try a number of changes with it off?

The Feature Assistant used to be able to keep the date. However, with the recent calendar modifications to show multiple events in the calendar view, it broke the extension. You can no longer expect the calendar to remain in the month you are working on - it will always jump back to the current month.

Yes, I noticed that. I guess that is a feature request.

The bug, though, is it jumps without user interaction from starting to edit an event back to the overview screen.

So, click on future month event, click edit, then automatically jump back to month overview for September.


Yeah, I’m wondering if the combination of the feature assistant extension no longer being able to stay on the same month but trying to is what’s kicking you back to the dashboard. Or maybe it’s something unrelated, but it’s seems worth ruling out the extension as the cause.

The extension method for changing the month modified the calendar overview page. It does not get called when editing an event.

I am unable to replicate the issue. However, we can find if it is a native Scoutbook bug by sleuthing in the developer window in Chrome and watching the Network to see who “requests” the overview screen. It will show whether the request was initiated by the extension or native Scoutbook code

I think it is the plugin. I turned it off, did a bunch in the calendar… no jumps upon starting to edit. I turned it back on since I like the copy new feature, and then upon the 3rd item, it jumped me back.

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@Matt.Johnson what browser are you using?

Edge - Chromium version. :frowning: You caught me.

I’ll try Chrome Chrome.

I just replicated it in Chrome. I think it is a race condition. If I click on an event and click edit very fast, I get 2 of the “progress boxes” in the center of the screen and the second takes me to the calendar overview.

I have a video of it if you would like.

I was able to replicate the issue in Chrome. I thought you were creating new events… not editing an existing event.

What I found is that one of the more recent calendar updates in the native Scoutbook is forcing a page reload. Page reloads force extensions to reload - so things get wonky when that happens.

The page reload will fore ANY extension (not just the Feature Assistant) to reload if the context of the extension is for the Scoutbook.com domain.

There is nothing that can be done on the extension side to prevent this from happening.

I have requested the scoutbook devs take a look at the reason they are trying to do a hard page reload.

This is fixed in V0.45.0.23

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