Camping fee in scoutbook

how do i collect camping fee as part of event in canader

how do i collect camping fee as part of event in canader

@kevinhayes1 - on the unit page click on quick entry then select the payment log

There is no way to automatically attach a fee to a calendar event in Scoutbook. It’s a separate process, as @Stephen_Hornak described.

This is a fatal issue with payment, as 90% of fees collected by the unit are tied to an event beyond dues.
Is there a way to run a report to see who signed up for the event and at what time, if I cannot auto attach fee as people signup, I have to put a charge to their account would be nice if I could see what new people I need to send chargers
how are other units handling camping fees in Scoutbook

What we do is we have people RSVP. We have listed a cutoff date and note if you will be charged after that date. Depending on how the fee structure is for the campout, we have the treasurer charge based on the RSVPs OR, we have the Scribe or SPL take attendance in Scoutbook and the treasurer charges based on that.

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