Can I view sent messages?

I always include myself in messages I sent in Scoutbook, but this morning I sent a few messages which never came to me. I need to verify they went out and maybe just didn’t make it to me or possibly i just forgot to add myself – either way it would be quite beneficial if I could see sent messages, so I knew what went out. Is this a feature I possibly just don’t have access to? thank you.

Good request. No way to see sent messages. A log would be nice.

I sent an email to a group of Scouts that I am a MBC for on Monday (10/10). I was copied on the email. I sent 2 messages yesterday (10/13) and one today (10/14) and was NOT copied on the emails. I did nothing different in how I sent the email. Has something changed in Scoutbook?

And the MBC should always be copied on emails that they send to the Scouts. The fact that I cannot see sent messages or some sort of log is not good.

The Feature Assistant Extension automatically copies the sender on all messages. If you sent the 2nd message from a browser not running the extension (ex: any iPhone or iPad browser) then you would not be automatically copied.

If I send an e-mail from Scoutbook, I make sure I check myself, even if I am using the extension.

I too need this. I just sent popcorn totals emails separately to each family and I had one that said they did not get the email I sent. Now I have no way to verify that they got an email sent or were missed or if I had missed anyone else. Missing basic features like this make me cringe when I have to use Scoutbook to send an email.



We recommend using Chrome or Firefox with Scoutbook so that you can install the Feature Assistant Extension. One of its features is to automatically copy the sender.

Alternately you can check yourself off on the list of recipients so that Scoutbook send you an e-mail as well.

There are no plans for the BSA to invest in the cloud storage necessary to maintain copies of sent messages. Enterprise cloud storage is expensive, especially when you do not own the data center.

This would be a simpler request. Make it so that just like a parent is copied on all correspondences, the user sending the correspondence is copied.

Automatically copying the author on all sent messages is in the backlog but it has not bubbled to the top of the priority list.


@PaulThomas4 - what you are looking for is a fully configured mail server system such as exchange. This would be additional servers to maintain and added storage.

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