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Please add a "Sent" mailbox

We really need to be able to confirm that a message was sent, see what messages have been sent and when, etc.



This has been previously requested but there are currently no plans to add cloud storage (which is required to save sent messages) to Scoutbook.

We recommend copying yourself on any messages. If you use the volunteer written and supported Feature Assistant Extension for Scoutbook for Chrome and Firefox the sender is automatically copied.

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The very useful Feature Assistant Extension should just be integrated into Scoutbook


I betcha that’s been previously requested… :slight_smile:

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Pretty much everything in the feature assistant extension is in the development backlog for full Scoutbook. The feature Assistant Extension functionality is intended as a temporary solution until the BSA can dedicate developers to those requests. Over time, functionality has rolled off of the extension as it was incorporated into Scoutbook.


Thanks for your response. I am using the Feature Assistant Extension, but did not know that it enables an automatic copy (I normally do that manually).

Just for completeness, I would like to add that this is not simply a convenience request. As Committee Chair, I see this as an accountability issue. We have multiple people authorized to send email from ScoutBook (to the troop or to a patrol or whatever). We need a “Sent” mailbox in order to know / confirm who is sending email to whom and what they said. Cloud storage is really cheap these days. We would pay for this feature.
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Michael - personal cloud storage is inexpensive, enterprise storage on the other hand not so much. The data store would have to be fault tolerant redundant and highly available.

I agree. With multiple leaders, one can’t just look back at one’s own inbox. One needs to look at what and when the unit has sent items.

OK, How about a compromise solution –
Add an administrator option: “BCC me on every message sent by anyone”


I could get behind Mike’s bcc Administrator idea. That would allow units that, for example, have a unit gmail account, to designate that unit gmail account as an admin and have all emails sent out automatically copied to that account.

That would remove the need for cloud storage from the BSA’s budget and allow units to implement their own retention policies regarding tracking of past emails to the unit.

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Upvote for the concept of both an automatic BCC AND a communally-visible Sent Messages box (possibly with a summary of the messages for the last 30 days, instead of the entire message communication to manage storage needs). The feature assistant is nice IF users are using it. Users who are mobile or on a locked-down browser cannot.

The sent message list lets users see that certain emails have been sent, so they know not to duplicate, etc.

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And that they are working on it, but don’t know when it will be released.