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Cancelling a Calendar event

Is there a capability to cancel an event on the calendar? I don’t mean delete it, I want to cancel it. For example, last night, the decision was made to cancel tonight’s Committee Meeting. I wanted to be able to go into the event, cancel it, and have a notification sent to all of the invitees. I could send a reminder through the event and include in the comments that it is cancelled. I wound up changing the subject to “CANCELLED: Committee Meeting”, and sending out a standalone message announcing the cancellation.

If this capability doesn’t exist, it would be nice to have it included.

Change the Title to Cancel I guess then send reminder -

The reason I didn’t do it this was was because of the concern that the email that Scoutbook sends as part of the “Reminder” contains the word “Reminder” right in the subject. I didn’t want to cause confusion by sending a “Reminder” email that cancels the event. With the tools that are available, I believe I went the best route. It would be nice if there were a cleaner option.

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