Basic questions about calendar

I’m new to using Scoutbook and trying to figure out events and emails.

Based on reading the various tutorials it seems that when an event is created and saved on the calendar it should automatically email it out to the invitees. Am I understanding this correctly? Or do I need to create a separate message and link the calendar event to it?

Is there a record of those sent messages somewhere? I’ve seen people reference this but can’t find a record of the sent message in Scoutbook. How long does it take for the email to be sent? I created and saved an event (invited myself) and have not received the email. Am I missing a step somewhere?

Any help is appreciated.

You must use the Scheduled Reminders feature of the calendars to send any notices. One option is to Send Now.

I recommend reviewing the following help document.

Thank you very much for your prompt response!
That’s the document that I previously reviewed but was stuck on the following sentence:
“Select Save to save the event on the calendar and send out invitations” which sounds like saving it automatically sends it out.
It worked now!

You can set multiple reminders as these remind not only about the event, but RSVP if so marked. So, for campouts, we set RSVP and a 14, 7, and 1 day reminders.

14 days - hey, are you going? RSVP.
7 days - we are buying food
1 day - we are going tomorrow, don’t forget.

Matt, have you found the middle reminder can disappear when you have three reminders set and edit the event before any reminders are sent? A few years ago this was a bug. If still present, I expect it will be fixed when the calendar is redone.

No, I don’t believe have not seen that bug. I just looked back and believe our “middle” emails are going out.

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