Cannot change my bio (scouting experience) displayed in Scoutbook

I am not able to edit my bio / scouting experience in Scoutbook. When I click on ‘Edit Profile’, I am directed to the Internet Advancement page, which as far as I can tell does not include my bio.

How do I update the bio and picture shown in the My Account section of Scoutbook?

There is no way now - it is being added over time - watch the Change Log for updates

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Why? This was a past feature. This change makes no sense at all.

Because that is how they chose to move forward? I have no inside info, but it seems pretty clear they made a jump on the “profile” type of info into IA without having all of the edit options complete. In doing so, they moved the screens, but didn’t provide access to edit the data (recall photos, but also schools, and this bio info). It is how it is. We won’t know why other than that is what they did.

Just as a request for the developers, if they can provide a warning of features that are going to be “temporarily” disabled (i.e. with the intent of replacing/re-enabling them) in the future, that might allow folks to at least plan for the “outage”. This was sorta done in the original porting of the Edit Profile interface to IA2 in the change log notice that the change has been made. Similarly, there was some warning about the activity logs moving, although that had its own challenges at the time, too.

Alternatively, leaving a handle for accessing that information (e.g. via Edit Extended Information, as has been done for some information) for which an interface hasn’t been fully implemented on the new platform would be very helpful.

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This is a good idea. It would be good to have a “parking lot” as they say at work that lists the current known big features: adult search, edit bio, edit school, etc. Then take items off as they are fixed.

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There is no “plan” to make features temporarily available. The items that are missing from the IA profile were simply overlooked. As items are found to be missing, we try to get them added to Edit Extended Information.


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