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Can't Add Den or track Advancements


Can anyone help clarify for me. I logged into Scoutbook for the first time and I can see our list scouts in our Pack, but it says there are no Dens. I can’t create Dens or put them into Dens. I also can’t track advancements… although I assume we need to put them into Dens before I can do that.

I have become our Pack’s Advancement Chair for this year (I am also a Den Leader). Is it possible that I just don’t have the admin rights? If that is the case… should I ask my Cubmaster to give me those? Would she just login to Scoutbook and could do that? Thanks much.


Yes a Key 3 needs to log in > Find you > give you the Unit Admin Position and then you can do all that is needed

Will do. Thanks alot.


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