Can't add service activity to log - Service type isn't working

I tried to add a service project to our log. It was an Eagle project.
I entered the typical data - date, time, attendees, location, etc.
I selected YES for the Eagle Project option because it is an Eagle project.
Because yes is selected, the service type option drop-down doesn’t work. There’s a slightly dimmed folder icon with “no data” that appears when I click on it.
When I try to save/finish the activity, I get an error because the service type isn’t selected.
I can deselect the Eagle option and then the service type drop-down shows up. But there isn’t an option for Eagle project.
I tried backing out and retrying. I tried using Google Chrome instead of Microsoft Edge.
Nothing seems to work.
I can either enter it incorrectly or not at all.

@JenniferVeith - a hard refresh of the browser will fix that.

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