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I noticed there is a separate category for Eagle Service Project Hours which I believe is designated when the Eagle Service Project radio button is checked yes. However, once you check this box it removes the selections for the project type drop down box. The project type is a required entry and with the selections removed when the Eagle Service Project radio button is checked yes, you cannot complete the entry. The drop down does not allow manual entries, therefore Eagle Service Project Hours cannot be entered. Can this issue be fixed?

@ChristineHaldeman - you have to do a hard refresh of the browser as that is a cache issue.

When I refresh the browser it kicks me out of the input page taking me back to square one.

@ChristineHaldeman - yes but it will populate the data for eagle project types… works for me every time

What browser are you using? This is not working using Edge.

@ChristineHaldeman - I use chrome and firefox


I just tried it in Chrome and it worked. So it is an issue with Edge.


That is not entering the Eagle project if that is what you are trying to do - that is entering hours for other scouts who helped on the project

Understood, that is what I was trying to do.

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