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Can't assign SPL to the Senior Patrol

The only option available to assign the SPL and the ASPLs is NA. I’m missing something, but not sure what it is. I’ve ended prior leadership positions, and they are members of the Senior Patrol.

Screen shot from an attempt to move the ASPL into the SPL role.

I think that the PoR (SPL, ASPL) doesn’t have a patrol-level assignment, since it’s not a patrol-level position. I’ve never tried to assign unit-level youth leaders to patrols as part of their PoR, except for the Troop Guide, who I have been able to assign in the past.

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Some youth positions (such as SPL, ASPL, JASM) are not associated with a patrol.

On the [Scout]'s Membership screen, you can put the Scout in a patrol or no patrol.

On the [Scout]'s Leadership screen, the position would be associated with N/A patrol, because those positions are not associated with a patrol.

Right you all are. Somehow, I had forgotten that would happen when selecting troop-level positions, and that “Senior Patrol” isn’t formalized in Scoutbook as a patrol that has positions within it.

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