Can't invite Merit Badge Counselor

Firstly, I am a former Cubmaster with a son who is a new Scout in a Troop, so I am used to having full control in Scoutbook! Having limited control is taking some getting used to!

I was able to invite my son’s Merit Badge Counselor for his first merit badge, but I have been unable to do so since. When I go into the merit badge and click ‘Invite Counselor’, it takes me to my son’s Connections page and wants me to ‘Add’ a new connection. When I click that, it takes me to the Create New Adult Connection page and the Merit Badge Counselor box is grayed out.

If that has something to do with only Troop leaders being able to digitally assign Merit Badge Counselors to a Scout (something I hope is NOT a thing), then why was I able to do it for his first merit badge?

A change in an API for security reasons has limited the individuals who can invite members to connect to a Scout to Key 3 and those holding several other leadership positions in the unit. The developers are aware of the issue and are working on a fix. At this time we do not know when the fix will be released

The only workaround is to ask unit leaders to make the Merit Badge Counselor connection to your son.

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I am the Chartered Organization Representative for my unit, and I am unable to connect a counselor with a Scout. I can search for, find, and select a counselor, but the “merit badge counselor” and “unit leader” boxes are not available for selection.

@MaryjaneKoperwhats What is the bsa member number of the merit badge counselor? Please don’t prove any names.

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