Can't connect merit badge counselors to Scouts

Our Advancement Chair is having trouble with Scoutbook functionality related to connecting merit badge counselors to scouts. When doing some research, I noticed these topics which describe our issue perfectly:
Any idea how to fix this? : Can't invite Merit Badge Counselor

Has this issue been resolved ?

The issue with connecting MBCs to Scouts has been fixed. Please describe what is happening so we can research. Provide the BSA Member ID of the Advancement Chair (no names).

Thanks for your quick response! Sorry but I’m not following your first sentence. Did you mean that to be a period vs. question mark at the end?

I’ve reached out to our Advancement Chair to ask for these details.

Sorry, typo, that was a statement, not a question. I have fixed it.

Advancement Chair’s BSA ID is 12226576

And her description is: “when I attempt to connect a scout to a MBC, via the “invite counselor” tab, I am taken to a page where I can “+ Add” a connection and where I can select “MBCs only.” (See attached screenshot). I have no luck in getting results via the name or email field. I get a message that states “No record found that satisfies the search criteria.” In the past, the “invite counselor” took me to a page where I could search/select counselors for the specific MB.”

MBC issue

There are two “issues” described here.

The connections page is the page that Scoutbook has always taken the user to when clicking on “Invite Counselor” from a Merit Badge page.

If you have the Feature Assistant extension installed, “Invite Counselor” is renamed “[scout’s] Connections”, and a new option named “Lookup/Invite Counselor” is added. The Lookup/Invite takes you to a modified Counselor Search page where a connection can be made without having to go to the connections page.

The failure of the search itself should be looked into more.

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Thanks Gary. How do we know if we have the “Feature Assistant” extension installed?

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