Checking in: Read-Only API

This topic has been brought up several times already, and the response has been that the Scoutbook developers were working on this feature but other things took priority and the project was put on hold.

Is there any update on where this stands? Just checking to see if anything has changed.

I’d like to be able to automatically sync my troop’s roster into a site I’ve made. I can already do a .CSV export, but to get this to be automated I would need some sort of way to authenticate without the CAPTCHA on the standard login screen (preferably using OAuth, or something similar). Currently the only way to do this is trying to get around the system by intercepting HTTP-only cookies, but this is not a great solution.

@KaedenBrinkman - i recall that the read only api has been tabled and not under consideration

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I did a little bit of browsing old discussions and that was not my impression. They did say that they were not considering SSO, but a read-only API is a different issue.

From this post:

Creating read only APIs is a prioritization issue.

From this post:

The BSA planned to produce Read Only APIs but due to budget cuts and other higher priority items, this work item has been postponed indefinitely.

The BSA is aware of the desire but because of API work needed to retire ScoutNET this year, which must happen, the API developers are not available for the foreseeable future.

@KaedenBrinkman - i would not anticipate read only apj in the near term

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There is currently no work in progress on a read-only API. Plans and available resources have changed since those posts. We have not heard of any plans to schedule developers to work on a read-only API in the foreseeable future.


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