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One more vote for a read-only Scoutbook API. I would like to use API calls to automate my unit website, instead of doing manual steps to export from SB.

Help us help you retain and grow membership. Read-only APIs will make it easier for unit leaders to recruit new members, keep records up to date, and communicate with parents.


@mstickel - this has been placed in the parking lot. I am not certain that wrapping the api’s into the site helps most of your keynotes. I am not certain that BSA IT will release them.

Stephen, thanks for the response. I don’t understand what you mean by “parking lot”, “wrapping api’s”, or “keynotes”. Can you clarify what you mean here?

The BSA planned to produce Read Only APIs but due to budget cuts and other higher priority items, this work item has been postponed indefinitely.


Ed, thanks for the clarification. I understand that it’s postponed indefinitely (I assumed that was what was meant by “placed in the parking lot”).

Question: does input from volunteers in this “New Scoutbook Feature Requests” forum have any impact on how the BSA prioritizes new Scoutbook feature requests?

Yes, they do have an impact but there are other things the BSA must consider when prioritizing requests.


@mstickel - sorry about the parking lot reference but it notes something outside of active consideration. But certainly it had been noted and asked for some time ago.

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Ok, thanks. Last question: if I found a bunch of folks who also wanted this feature (or any feature, really), would it make any impact if they all posted here? Or is there a better way to request features?

I’m asking these questions because I’m interested in making Scouting as easy as possible for the parents in my units (a troop and a pack). When Scouting is made easy, people stick around.

For my units, making Scouting easy involves developing and using technology to help people communicate. What we want to do is not present in Scoutbook currently, at least not in the way that we want it to work. We are fortunate to have the resources and know-how amongst our parents to create these technologies, but we are held up by the lack of availability to APIs to get the data we need to drive this.


The number of requests will probably not make a difference in this case. The BSA is aware of the desire but because of API work needed to retire ScoutNET this year, which must happen, the API developers are not available for the foreseeable future.

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National, you listening to this??

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No, not really. They do mot monitor these forums.

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