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Commissioner tools improvment ideas

I just had an idea about how to make commissioners tools more helpful but unfortunately already took the survey. So I thought maybe a conversation here would be good to post ideas and members who maybe havent taken the survey might be able to add some of these ideas. So here is an idea.

I just had an issue at a unit where they needed help recruiting volunteers. I met with the cubmaster, then had a meeting with the committee. We came up with a plan. I would like to make a unit service plan but I did not do a detailed assessment because we are only addressing one issue. If there was a way to do a unit service plan on its own without being tied to a detailed assessment that would be great or maybe make unit service plans available on simple assessments that would be a good work around.

Hi, Adam - Good idea. I would also like to find out how to complete Unit Service Plan items as we get them done.

Adam - have you considered doing an Intermediate Assessment? Much simpler than a full blown Detailed Assessment. No need to do collaboratively.

Robert - To complete a Unit Service Plan, as the elements are completed mark them complete by adding the completion date.

Thank you, RIck - If we have already saved the detailed contact, do we just edit it?

I would almost like to see service plans have a separate place for managing. Create them in the detailed assessment, then notate or complete them in a separate section. The separate section should allow creation of new service plan items if desired too.

I just had a case with a unit where they were doing ok during the detailed assessment, then the CC , who we had just recruited a few months before, quit without notice. With the COVID sequester, no real replacement is available for now and the unit is on life saving for the next six months.

I would love to be able to add to the service plan. I suppose I could do another detailed assessment, but the other one is only a couple of months old.

Rick - I only saw picks for Detailed Assessment and Simple Assessment. Do we just do a non-collaborative detailed assessment as an intermediate, or is there a button I don’t see?

Robert: Your closing comment about doing another DA with a new service plan is what we’ve recommended through training. I.e., whenever there is a significant change such as you described: DO a DA.

A non-collaborative assessment is just a ‘standard’ DA without the unit collaborating on it. :slight_smile: To make a DA an Intermediate Assessment, click on the Intermediate Assessment toggle button at the top of each DA section (Finance, Membership, etc) that you don’t want to do a full DA on.

I had no idea that this was an option. This is fantastic. There are times I like to do a DA in certain areas where one of my units might be struggling, but I don’t want to bother the unit leaders because we may have done a collaborative two or three months prior. Thank you, Rick!