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Commissioner Tools Not Saving Items

I’ve been trying since yesterday (9DEC) to save both a Simple Assessment and a Unit Service Plan, but after hitting save the button goes light blue and I get a spinning circle without either ever saving. I’ve tried in multiple browsers on two different computers at different locations/networks. Am I missing something since this section is empty and I seem to be the only one having the problem? Thanks.

Unit Service Plans are only for Detailed Assessments.

I’m sorry, I should have clarified better. I’m was trying to write a Unit Service Plan under one Unit’s Detailed Assessment and it was not saving, as well as a Simple Assessment on another that is also not saving. It seems the service plan is working as of this morning, though. Thanks.

I just created a Simple Assessment and it worked fine for me with a satellite ISP. (Think long latency times.) Thus, I am going to provide you the words I am about to publish in the next issue (#51) of the Commissioner Technology Focus Group Status Report. (Due out today or tomorrow.):

December is the time of the year when there are a LOT of BSA members renewing their Youth Protection Training. Consequently, the system tends to bog down. Like many data systems there are busy times and the system runs a bit slower. The BSA systems are busiest in the evening. Consider taking your YPT at nonpeak times and it should run smoother.