Cub Scout History Report - PDF Format Problem

This was reported as an issue in Dec '21 and Jun '21 with no resolution. Its AOL Crossover time and a clean printout would be beneficial for our Cub Scouts moving on to Troops.

When running a Cub Scout History Report to show a scout’s current advancement, the pagination and/or margins are off, resulting in overlapping and confusing text.

Is there somebody who can look into the script that’s creating these PDFs?

Steps to replicate:

  1. Open a Den (or individual Scout) in Scoutbook
  2. Choose Den Reports (or just Reports)
  3. Choose Cub Scout History Report
  4. Choose either PDF (Portrait) or PDF (Landscape)
  5. Look at resulting PDF and text will cross several pages where it shouldn’t and headers will overlap with text.

The problem exists for individual scout reports or for full Den reports, and the problem exists whether you choose Portrait or Landscape.

I sent you a private message. Click on the large G in a circle in the upper right and then the envelope to see the message.

Bill Nelson, SUAC

The developers are aware of this issue and are working on a fix. At this time we do not have an estimated release date.

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Any updates on when a fix might be available for the Cub Scout History Report formatting? Any work arounds out there? My kids cross over on Friday, February 25th and I’d like to print the report for each.

I’m curious about this as well. I just tried to download one and the formatting needs improvement. I have scouts crossing over on Feb 27, so this is time sensitive for many of us.

The Cub Scout History Report’s formatting issue should be fixed now.

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It’s March 2023, and as we prepared reports for our cross-over after Blue & Gold, we could not get good-looking History Reports to provide to our parents. The report content is good, but the title of the report that should appear at the top of every page appears at the top of the first page and again on the bottom of the page, and all further pages don’t have the title on top, and the title repeats at the bottom of the page. I tried different Operating Systems, Different Browsers, and Different Ways to Generate the report just to see if it was something to do with getting it on a Mac computer, but it is generated by the system so it does not matter. This report is important and needs to look good.

I don’t know if this assumption is shared by everyone.

I’d like to see this fixed, too.

If the developers made it a point to tackle these smaller, low-hanging-fruit issues in a more timely manner, there would probably be a lot less general frustration and griping on the part of the users.

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I dunno. My experience is that users are more than capable of finding something broken to complain about faster than developers can find (much less fix) them. :^)

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@ZacharyMcCarty Zach - is this something you can have them look into? It looks like there needs to be a “hard page return” added at the bottom of the first page or just before the title block. The title block is appearing at the bottoms and is clearly not right.

Appreciate the update and still stung by your comment that no one finds the report useful or important. That report provides the accomplishments of a lifetime for a scout and there is no other report and deliverable that is close. I know resources are tight, but that was dismissive sounding. Having been in Scouting since 1966 and active 50+ years, a report like this has been the life blood of Packs and Troops providing transfer assistance to families.

@Matt.Johnson yes, sorry, it has been reported to the developers and being worked upon. It was initially thought to be an easy fix and has not turned out to be so (due to versioning and program changes/rank/adventure updates). As such, developers are still working on the best path forward.

@ZacharyMcCarty - perhaps messing with the csv the report can be paginated by the user.


Well, that isn’t exactly what I said. I said it might not be that it needs to look good. The format isn’t unworkable, just odd. So it isn’t super important to everyone to look perfect.

Well in our Council many Eagle Scouts have luncheons and display all their accomplishments. They also are included in the Eagle Scout application here. Having a report that cuts off certainly detracts from the young man’s accomplishments when someone reading it quickly notes the report format looks bad. It reflects on his care and concern for the quality of his work.

We start our Cub Scouts out with the motto "Do Your Best” for a reason.

My two Eagle Scouts were able to get reports that formatted correctly. I want all Scouts to be afforded that privilege.

Thanks for all your help.


@JohnRomer - can you point out where in the eagle rank application that the cub history report is required

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The developers are working on improving the format.

However, if a Scout or adult leader does not like how the report looks, they can take the data from the csv and format it however they would like.