December 14, 2022 Scoutbook Updates

Bug Fixes

  • Add Position
    • An issue that prevented Add Position from working unless the default unit type was changed then possibly changed back has been fixed. The default unit type can now be used.
  • Calendar Editor
    • An issue that prevented Calendar Editors registered in both a Troop and Crew from seeing the Crew’s calendar has been fixed.
  • Edit Activities
    • Selecting Edit Activities in Scoutbook will now properly go to the activities page for the unit.
  • Needs Approval Report
    • An issue that caused the Needs Approval Report to contain items that needed approval for units other than the one selected has been fixed.
  • Parent Search
    • The parent search function has been restored. The new search will require First Name, Last Name plus either BSA Member ID, City/State or e-mail address.
  • Unit Roster
    • An issue preventing the unit roster from loading for some users has been fixed. As part of this fix, date of birth and age is currently not available via the roster page. Use the Roster Builder to get a dates of birth and ages for Scouts.

New Features

  • Blue Cards
    • Completed Blue Cards will now have “All complete” printed at the top of the requirements box on the back side of the center card segment.