September 2, 2020 Scoutbook Updates

Bug Fixes

  • Calendar Display
    • An issue that caused the calendar to go to the Create Event screen when clicking on the More link on a day has been fixed. Clicking More will now bring up a listing of all the day’s events.
  • Calendar Plan for Excellence
    • The options and help text on the Calendar Plan for Excellence has been updated to match the 2020 JTE Scorecard.
  • Discourse Forum Access
    • An issue that prevented users who setup Sign in with Google or Sign in with Apple from accessing the Discourse forums has been fixed. Note there is a known issue with using the Discourse app on a mobile device to access the Scouting forums if you previously setup Sign in with Google or Sign in with Apple. The developers are looking into this issue.
  • Needs Approval Report
    • An issue that caused Unit Participants (Scouts over the age of 17 in troops) to appear multiple times in the Needs Approval report has been fixed.
  • Print Blue Cards
    • An issue that prevented the pdf file generated by Print Blue Card from being downloaded has been fixed. When the Print button on the Print Blue Card page is clicked, a pdf will be automatically downloaded to the user’s device for printing.
  • Single Sign On
    • An issue that caused some users to be taken to the login screen when clicking on the link in Scoutbook has been fixed. Logged in users will now be taken directly to, bypassing the login screen.

New Features

  • Profile Name Fields
    • The First Name, Middle Name and Last Name fields in the profiles of all users who have been matched to the BSA person database are now read only. Fields that previously did not match the BSA person database have been updated. If the First Name, Middle Name or Last Name field is incorrect, contact your council to have it updated in the BSA person database. The change should be reflected in Scoutbook within 24 hours of update in the BSA person database. New users will have the field locked once they are matched with the BSA person database. Use the Nickname field to display an alternate first name in Scoutbook.
  • Sea Scout Electives
    • The Electives have been modified to fit the 2020 requirements - now you can have either 2016 or 2020 for each discipline.
  • Unit payment utility via PayPal