December 15, 2021 Scoutbook Updates

Bug Fixes

  • Audit Logs
    • An issue that caused the name of the Merit Badge Counselor to be replaced with the leader’s name in the Counselor Approved Audit Log field has been fixed. Audit data affected by this issue has been corrected.
  • Medicine Merit Badge Counselors
    • An issue that caused Medicine Merit Badge Counselors to not be returned in the MB Counselor Search has been fixed.
  • Needs Approval Report
    • An issue that caused some items needing approval to be excluded from the Needs Approval Report has been fixed.
  • Patrol Roster
    • An issue that caused leadership positions with a future end date from appearing on the patrol roster has been fixed.
  • Payment Log Quick Entry
    • An issue that prevented parents from appearing on the Payment Log Quick Entry screen has been fixed.
  • PayPal Fees
    • PayPal recently increased their fees. The PayPal fee table in Scoutbook has been updated to the new values.
  • Order of the Arrow Eligibility Report
    • The Order of the Arrow Eligibility Report was mistakenly presented to Packs. This report is now properly restricted to Crews, Ships and Troops.

New Features

  • Scoutbook Account Creation
    • When a member creates a ID, a Scoutbook account will automatically be created. It typically takes 24 to 48 hours for the account to be present in Scoutbook.

Removed Features

  • Switch SSO
    • The Switch SSO link has been removed from the My Account page.