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July 15, 2020 Scoutbook Updates

Bug Fixes

  • Merit Badge Counselor (MBC) List Management
    • An issue that caused a blank e-mail to be sent to some Merit Badge Counselors when the council uploaded the MBC list has been fixed.
  • Percent Complete Calculation
    • An issue that caused some awards with requirements that contained a curly apostrophe to have an incorrect Percent Complete value has been fixed. You may need to save an existing requirement (without changing the date) in order to update the Percent Complete value.
  • Order of the Arrow Eligibility Report
    • An issue that caused the Date Joined Sea Scouts field to be blank has been fixed.
  • Send Message
    • An issue that prevented some parents from sending messages in Scoutbook has been fixed.
  • Venturing Ranger Award
    • An issue that prevented leaders from approving the Venturing Ranger Award has been fixed.

New Features

  • Council Shoulder Patch (CSP)
    • The CSP for Heart of New England Council has been updated.
    • The CSP for Longhorn Council has been updated.
    • The CSP for Rocky Mountain Council has been updated.
  • Merit Badge Audit Data
    • The name of the Merit Badge Counselor and date a Merit Badge or its requirements are approved has been added. Merit Badges and requirements already marked Counselor Approved will not have all of this audit data. The audit data is also included in the Scout Advancement Export/Backup file.
  • Merit Badge Counselor tools
    • A message feature has been added to the Merit Badge Counselor tools. To send a message to counseled Scouts, select the Merit Badge then the Scouts. The message will be sent to the Scout’s, their parents or if the parents do not receive Scoutbook e-mail to the Key 3 of the Scout’s unit. A copy will automatically be sent to the Merit Badge Counselor.
  • Reports
    • The Activity Log, Attendance, Audit Log, Incomplete Merit Badge and Payment Log reports have been updated to use 4-digit unit numbers. The saved PDFs and CSVs will have a consistent filename form that includes the unit number, date and for troops, the unit gender.
  • Scout Activity Logs
    • When selecting Activity Logs from a Scout’s page in Scoutbook, you will now be redirected to the Scout’s page in Internet Advancement instead of the unit roster page.
  • Sea Scout Requirements
    • Sea Scout requirements in Scoutbook have been updated to match the latest published requirements.