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District Commissioner Support

Requesting District Commissioner to be an assigned value “similar to Unit Commissioner” within roles so that we can track our unit events, progress. Calendar activities, planning and attendance toward those activities supporting the JTE framework. As at the district level we are supporting multiple units.


If you are acting as a unit commissioner, the unit can add you as a unit commissioner.


This has been previously requested. The BSA has stated there are no plans to support any district positions other than Unit Commissioner. As Jacob stated, you can be added to any unit as a Unit Commissioner and be given access to the unit.

It is up to the unit to give the Unit Commissioners access to the unit in Scoutbook. This is not automatic.

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Upvoting this, but also expanding on it in my related new feature request, found here:

Keep in mind that Scoutbook is a UMS (UNIT Management Software - emphasis added) and my.Scouting is where you find Council (including District) tools (as well as other Unit tools).

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I do understand. This is a new feature request. as in. is this something that can get a priority. even if that priority is 451 on the list.
I think the tool can handle my request of when assigned UC role in My.Scouting it can automate assignment of that UC to the unit vs the other way around, not much different than the youth being added to the unit currently. Once that connection is supported and established then a JTE based reporting matrix can be used.
Prior to the forum change over this request was out there for three years. Many of those feature requests are now gone to the bit bucket of history, lets start again. Great! Clean slates help to clear the fog. This is one that has the potential to be a time saver for the people actually putting on the program.

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@FrederickHillenbrand I believe I stated the same in the NFR I linked. :slight_smile:

@LarryPotter - agreed.