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Counselors - without unit cannot join Scoutbook

I run the Council’s Virtual Merit Badge event. I have many Merit Badge Counselors who hold District and Council positions and are NOT affiliated with a unit.

I tried to add my District positions but there is no choice of District/Council as it seems like Scoutbook is set up from the unit perspective. How can my Counselors get on Scoutbook to help Scouts and utilize Scoutbook for those that prefer it if the counselor is NOT connected to a unit.

For many Counselors, seeking and getting connected on Scoutbook via a unit, just adds another Scouting hat to their overloaded one that defeats the Counselors purpose of getting on Scoutbook to just to help Scouts.

All MBC Positions should already be in Scoutbook - users can sign on with the same user name as is in my.scouting.org

I guess I am not clarifying well as I am trying to do two things without luck.

You clarified for me the District and Council level can join Scoutbook without a unit,

Now I need a bit help on my Scoutbook profile. I want to make my primary POR (District Committee Member) as my default. I was trying to add my District Committee Member but there is NO choice in the unit type for District/ Council level positions. After re-chartering is done for 2021, I will be losing the unit connections and just connecting to Scouts that seek me as a counselor, instead of being list on unit rosters.

So how do I go about adding my District position so I can make that my default position in my picture please?

Scoutbook is a unit management and advancement tool. It does not support district positions, other than those that are immediately facing those functions (MBC, Unit Commissioner, etc).

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