Eagle "type of project" problem

I’m trying to enter work hours for an Eagle Project in Internet Advancement. Under “Project Details” there’s a yes/no choice for whether this is an Eagle Project. If I choose “yes” then the “Type of Project” drop-down box says “no data.” There’s nothing to choose. But it’s a required field, so I can’t save the project. If I choose “no” on whether it’s an Eagle Project, the project type choices all show up and it works fine. That’s what I did as a work-around, just say “no” on the choice, even though it is actually an Eagle Project. Has anyone else had this issue? Is my work-around OK to do?

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@WilliamFrench what browser are you suing cause mine works fine - might want to try a Shift + Refresh

It happens in Safari and Microsoft Edge. I haven’t tried others. I don’t think it’s browser-related.

Safari is not a good browser - I would use Chrome of Firefox

@DonovanMcNeil - I am seeing the same thing on my work pc and work laptop… will need to try at home but it presents no data if yes is chosen.

Odd I see it now too?

It was an overlooked table that was not changed - but it is actively being changed and worked on

Fixed now it seems @WilliamFrench

@DonovanMcNeil - I still have the no data the list only shows if I pick no

try Shift + Refresh @Stephen_Hornak

@DonovanMcNeil - yup that was it

It works now for newly created projects. I can’t edit the project I already created, but that’s OK, I’ll just make a new one. Thanks.

Nope, not fixed after all. When I go to save the new project I get the error message " r

“categoryId” must be valid in lookup “categoryactivities”

yes noted and reported

Still being reported for multiple of our Scouts today, mostly on Chrome both mobile and laptop/desktop.

@AudreyReed - well no announcement of a fix was posted…

@Stephen_Hornak There were comments above that it had been fixed and just a refresh needed.

@AudreyReed - looks like it was a partial fix as noted that the issue prevents a save of the event

I’m having the same issue and Refresh (Ctrl + R) isn’t working. I created the Eagle project using the Internet Advancement App which is an add-in to Edge. After entering all the Scouts and Adults time, it wouldn’t save because there was no data in “Type of Project” so I saved it as not an Eagle Project to try and change it later but I was unsuccessful.

I can’t try another browser for a few days as I’m on a work computer.

I’m having the same issue on multiple computers and browsers. Refresh does not fix it.