February 20, 2020 Scoutbook Updates

Bug Fixes

  • Event Reminders
    • An issue that caused some existing event reminders to be dropped when the reminders for an event were edited has been fixed. Existing event reminders will remain. To remove existing reminders, edit reminders for the event and click on any reminder with a check mark to remove it.

New Features

  • BSA Privacy Policy
    • The links from Scoutbook to the Privacy Policy have been updated to point to the BSA’s Privacy Policy. Previously Scoutbook pointed to a custom privacy policy.
  • Parent Connections
    • Scoutbook will now allow anyone with a Full Control connection to a Scout to delete a pending parent connection. This will allow parent connections that are made by mistake to be removed by the unit. Once a parent accepts a connection to a Scout, only the parent may remove that connection.