Receiving Scoutbook event reminders for a Unit I do not belong to

I recently served as a MBC as part of a Midway event. Before the event, parents connected me to their Scout as a new Connection in Scoutbook. For at least one scout, it appears I was assigned the “parent/guardian” role in Scoutbook and not the MBC role when the connection was made.

The scout earned his merit badge and I am no longer connected to him in Scoutbook, as far as I can tell. A scout in this unit does not show up in my list of connections. However, I continue getting event reminder emails from Scoutbook for this unit. It appears Scoutbook believes I am a parent in this unit, and therefore includes me in some hidden list of parents who are to be emailed about troop events.

Is there a way to remove my connection to this unit and Scout?

@JeffPangborn go to My Profile > My Connections > you can end any connections there

Thank you, Donovan.

Unfortunately, that’s the bug.

I am no longer connected to the Scout in Scoutbook when going to My Profile > My Connections. After having previously clicked “Clean Old MBC Connections” after the scout earned his merit badge, I am no longer connected to the scout. However, something in Scoutbook still apparently thinks I am the parent of this Scout in some other troop.


yes - odd I see 2 without your last name that are like invisible connections or something - want me to erase those connections? @JeffPangborn

Yes, please. I have two kids in Scouting. If you can delete any where I am connected as a parent but they have a different last name, that would be great.

Thank you.


@JeffPangborn ok - so in SB you do not see them under My Family? Just odd never seen ones like this. It is cleaned up

Nope. They were never listed under My Family. Perhaps the Scout already had two parents listed and when I was added as a third, things went haywire.

Thank you for your help.


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