Financial utilization

I’ve looked at the base Scoutbook program and the extension add-on (which was very helpful) but am still unclear about the financial management capability of Scoutbook - specifically is there a unit ledger module I don’t see or is the payment to/from tied only to an individual? Is there a Help Topic on this question? the October 2021 thread points to what I’m asking about but I’m unclear of how to go from zero to charge to recieve, to pay third party (I’ll admit I work in healthcare not accounting). I see Paypal references but can’t seem to send a test bill out and see what it looks like or if it is associated with a specific event. End user help and guidance would be appreciated as I evaluate presenting a plan to switch from Troopmaster to Scoutbook

There are a bunch of help files for the payment log features at, including:

I’ve found that many (but by no means all) how-to questions I have are already answered in the help files. :^)


Awesome! thank you, will investigate these as well as the ones that popped up when entering the question!

THank you, took a few minutes of trial and error to find the right place for each entry but I think I have enough understanding on how the system operates and the CSV export is very helpful. YIS, Mike

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