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We are a new pack. We had a cub scout get a “Founders Bar” award because it showed up in thier Scoutbook. Not sure how this happened, but thats not the issue. All of our scouts should also be getting this, but it is not an option to select for any of the others. How do we get this marked for the rest of our youth and also for the adults so we can all obtain this bar?

There’s a toggle for founding member. I think it used to be in Edit Profile in Scoutbook. Not sure if it made it into the IA profile data.

The Founder toggle is on the Scout’s membership entry for the unit.

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That makes more sense.

Thank you Ed. Can this still be changed, or is it to late? As a cubmaster, I dont see this option. Possibly a different committee member can make this change?

Yes, it’s a toggle right below the optional notes.

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Must not be an editable option for a Cubmaster. I dont see this option.

@ChristopherJunge open the membership itself - it will be here

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@ChristopherJunge As a Cubmaster, you are an automatic Pack Admin in Scoutbook. You should be able to access it.

  1. Select a Scout and go to that Scout’s main page in Scoutbook.
  2. Click on [Scout]'s Membership
  3. Click on the Scout’s membership with den or pack (highlighted in red).
  4. Then you should see something similar to the picture that Donovan posted.

Finally see it now. Thanks everyone for the help.

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