Lost Connection to Scout after Turning on Founding Member

I saw the post in the August 25, 2021 Scoutbook Update about New Features “Founders Bar.” For my Girl Troop I went to a scout, membership, selected her current membership, turned on Founders Bar, then clicked update. (but did NOT go to the Scouts Awards page). I then selected one of her former memberships, turned on Founders Bar, then clicked update and was “tossed back” to My Account to select one of my units. I selected the Girl Troop and went to the girl that I had been working on and attempted to select he,r received:
(I am the COR for boy troop, girl troop and family Pack)
I logged out, closed my browser (Chrome), still no connectivity.
Waited a day, logged back into SB (Chrome, Incognito), still no connectivity to the girl.
Linked to my.scouting.org, the girl is still listed as a member of my girl troop.
IN the roster she shows up as:
First Name and Initial of Last Name
Her member id 136153142.
I go to Dashboard > My Account > My Connections and she shows up as:
Full Last Name, Full First Name
I click on her name and “tossed back” to My Account to select one of my units.
Please help

EDIT: I found in another forum thread the:
Go to unit > Roster > click your name > click admin > click update
(I have used before, just forgot)
That fixed the problem for me, but it sounds like a bug that SB "tossed me out of connection to a scout in my unit. SUAC Please feel free to contact me fro additional information about this “bug”

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@MichaelMcGehearty I just tried to repo this and it did not happen - a few questions

  1. Troop are you admin? - you are COR but just checking
  2. other unit are you admin? or did you have position at all - in my test I had no position on 2nd unit
  3. Is Scout a SCOUT or a Participant?
  1. Troop admin to both B & G Troop, Pack admin to Pack
  2. see 1
  3. Scout that this happened to is SCOUT

Note: In addition to my losing connection to scout, the scout lost sync (I had not noticed until I reestablished my connection. I followed the instructions in the Help Article “Activating or Resetting Advancement Sync (SB)” The Help Article states allow 48 hrs, however this time sync was restored by the time I looked at the roster again.

I have already followed the instructions on the active membership in the troop and also in the awards section for all the Founding Youth Members.

Observation: I notice that there is NOT a way to designate adults as Founding Members of the Unit.


Here is what I think your problem is and also a workaround for the solution as I just ran into a similar issue with implementing the Founder’s Bar Award -

To enable the award you would follow these steps –

Founder’s Bar

Scoutbook now supports the Founder’s Bar. To enable the Founder’s bar, edit the Scout’s membership in the unit where the Scout was a Founder and move the Founding Member slider to the right. After turning on the slider, go to the Scout’s Awards page, select the Founder’s bar and enter a completion date. For a Scout registered in multiple units, the Founders Bar will only appear when that unit is selected. A simplified process for the Founder’s Bar will be released soon.


If the scout has had multiple memberships within that founding troop (i.e. patrols have restructured or the scout was a troop guide for a new scout patrol and then came back, the following situation can happen when you enable the award –

Example – Troop is founded 8/29/19. Scout starts in a patrol but a year later when new scouts come in he changes patrols and becomes their troop guide. This now becomes the scout’s active membership. You go into the membership where they started (which would be the earned award date) per instructions above and enable the founders bar radio button.

BUG - This now breaks the connection with the roster. And you will get the following error – “ has not been matched with a Scout in your Unit’s official roster. Please check with your council.”

To fix this bug, go into their most current membership and reapprove it.

Now – to get the founders bar to show up on that scout’s profile without the bug –

Slide the Founder’s Bar slider on the scout’s active membership (even if it is after and doesn’t cover the date they earned the award). Then follow the rest of the instructions above.

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What I did was reestablish the connection to my one problem scout, then only edited the single current membership to add the founders bar and then went to Scouts Award Page to turn on the founders bar.
All my current scouts that are Founders have the Bar show up when on their individual page. It does NOT show up in the patrol roster or the troop roster page.
So I am good for now. Since founders are only for the 1st year in existence I will have no more scouts need to have the Founder Bar added. If/when the Founders Bar as added for Adults then I will revisit to add the Founders Bar to the Adults.

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