Getting a warning that another user is using my email address

Please help

SB User ID:118904

@Shoreranger it was applied to your scout - it is fixed now

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Same issue for me. SB User ID: 2377461

I am having the same issue. When I login to scoutbook I receive a warning that another user is using the same email account. All of my info seems correct and I can’t find any issues with my accout. How can I fix the issue?

@RyanPankoe this is fixed

@AubreyCurley that is fixed

Thanks for all your help!

Same issue SB ID 1335165

@StephanieBarritt that is fixed

same issue: SB User ID:2611964

I am getting the same message.

SB User ID: 10482581

@JAMESYOUNG8 yours is fixed

@ToddKinney it is fixed

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