Warning another user using same email address

I’m getting a warning that another user is using the same email address as mine. Can someone look into this please?


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@ChrisSchubert it was on your scouts account

I see, thanks for solving this so quickly.

Hello! I am also getting the same message. Do I have to do anything?

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@LauraLittle that is fixed

Thank you for your help with this!

Hello, I have the same message in my account after I completed online transfers to a new Troop in a different Council for my family.

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@TimothyMeerstein THAT IS FIXED

I too am seeing “Warning, another user is using the same e-mail address. If this is unexpected, contact your local council or post to the Using Scoutbook Forum.” I tried to check my son’s account to see if his was using my email (as was the case for Chris above), but I couldn’t quite figure out how.


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@AndrewMildorf that is fixed

Thank you very much!

Thanks Donovan! There are some other new families in my den that may be seeing the same thing. What was the issue? I will report it back to them.

@AndrewMildorf In many cases, it is because the parent’s e-mail address is also associated with their Scout’s Scoutbook accounts. In some cases, there is actually a duplicate account issue.

Hello, I am having the same issue. I am getting duplicate reminder emails, and I see the warning message at the top of my dashboard.

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Edit: I found that my email address was listed under my son’s personal info so I changed it. Hopefully that was the issue so you can disregard. Will see if I get a duplicate email next time notifications are sent out. Hopefully not! :slight_smile:

2nd Edit: Still seeing the warning on my dashboard so that wasnt it.

After my son’s transfer to another troop showed up here in Scoutbook, I’m getting the duplicate account notice again. Would you be able to fix it again?

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I have transfer paperwork in process as well. Would it be better to wait until that shows up in Scoutbook before trying to fix this?

Shad Plante

@RonDeFulio that is fixed

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@ShadPlante that is fixed

I’m getting the same notification about duplicate email address, and I can’t view any details on any of the calendar events, it just sends me back to the Dashboard when I click an Event.

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@AlexYoder that is fixed

Re inability to view details of an event and being redirected to the dashboard, I am suspicious that that might be because neither you nor your scout are on the RSVP list for the event. I am currently dealing with some events like that, some where my son is and I am not (which I can then still at least view), and some where both of us are and everything functions normally. Disclaimer, I am a new user/scout so I may be totally wrong!

Made a post about it here: Calendar/event RSVP troubleshooting