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Google Voice

I noticed recently that Google Voice was added to the carrier list (today saw change log indicating it got added last month). However, I have tried many times to send the verification message and have yet to receive it. i have even checked spam, etc… ideas?

Yes, I would like to see this work too and have been unable to verify as well. I use my Google Voice number for everything for the flexibility and controls it offers.

Is the BSA actually looking to subscribe to a real SMS short code system like Twillio for text messaging that would allow for actual native SMS text messaging or has there been a change to the Google Voice service to allow the email to SMS gateway functionally like ScoutBook is leveraging for the other carriers? Otherwise BSA is just cruelly teasing those of us using Google Voice by giving it as an option. :grin:

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I have notified the developers.

Thank you for your help!

This would be a true fix. Use a real api to a SMS service.

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