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Mobile Carrier/Text Messaging Disappearing

Yesterday, three of my scouts lost their text messaging ability. Two of them had been set up for months (one of them was my own son), and one just got set up on Monday. Why would some of them just disappear from having access. Yes, they can go back in and add it again, but it’s difficult to contact scouts to make a fix when their access has been automatically changed.

Any ideas?

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This is the first we are hearing this. Post the Scoutbook User IDs and we will investigate.

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My ability to receive texts has never worked; over the years (going back at least five) I’ve submitted at least three tickets - back when there was member care.

I simply gave up.

I had issues with it when we first started using Scoutbook . It took MONTHS for Scoutbook to figure it out. Now that we can use it, I’ve been trying to get all of our leaders, parents, and scouts connected (unsuccessfully). We were on the right track when all of a sudden several lost their connections. It all occurred on the same day. It was weird.

Um…Not sure I want to post that information on here.

The Scoutbook UserID cannot be used to identify the individual. It is a “random” number generated by Scoutbook when the account is created. You can find it on the user’s profile page below the BSA member ID. It is safe to post here.

Here is the one that is still inactive (5978301). These two both reactivated theirs yesterday (8405400, 5071125).

Any luck with figuring out the issue?

I had to send this to the developers for investigation. I have not heard back yet.

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