Having to Relogin

When I click on Forums in scoutbook, it takes me to a new window where I have to login again. Not sure why that is a necessary thing. I’m already in scoutbook. It’s one more, somewhat seemingly, unnecessary step. Would be helpful to not have to do that.

The discussion forum is on a separate system. Try just clicking on the second “Login” button.

This is a limitation of the Discourse forums Scoutbook uses. We have the forums configured so that login is not required to read posts. Because Scoutbook and Discourse use Single Sign-on, after clicking on the Forum link in Scoutbook, you need to click the Log In button in Discourse. As long as you do not log out of Scoutbook by clicking the Logout button, you will remain logged in to Discourse (on the same browser) for 7 days and not have to click the Login button. If you read or post, the 7 day Discourse timeout resets.

This is a limitation of Discourse. There is nothing the BSA can to do get around it.

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